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      December 2015

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Dating Game (Marriage On Demand) Close the Deal: Race to the Altar

About new Dating Game

Rita Richardson Jackson

The Close the Deal Race to the Altar Dating Game is product of the Marriage On Demand Brand, created by Rita Richardson Jackson. The Dating Game: Close the Deal /Race to the Altar is based on the Commitment Blueprint and Dating Rules that are found in the book on Amazon "Marriage On Demand! Close the Deal: Marry Your Guy in 6 Months to 1 Year, by Rita Richardson Jackson  Click here (or paste into your browser, to buy)

The game is a natural follow-up to the Dating Rules Self-Help Book "Marriage On Demand! Close the Deal: Marry Your Guy In 6 Months to 1 Year, and is meant to function as both an "icebreaker" for entertainment and conversation. Additionally, this game is meant to facilitate easy practice that may sharpen a players' understanding of the Dating Rules for Singles Interested in Getting Married!

Tired of finding faults in existing role playing (and first-person relationship games), and always thinking about what could be done differently, Rita Richardson Jackson decided to make a fun, versatile dating game, and she made it so!

"With the expertise of coding consultants and her own creative design skills, I launched my idea and took on the responsibility (and title) of Project Manager."

Although, thinking about creating a game of this nature for several months, a couple of weeks after publishing the self-help dating rules book for singles interested in getting married on Amazon, here is the Dating Game! Appealing to the novice and true "gamers" is an underlying goal. Therefore, ideas are welcome from gamers everywhere! Contact : Rita Jackson - Email: / or

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